Friends with benefits

 Clit'infoClit’ info

A website entirely about the clitoris, its history, its anatomy and everything there is to know about it. Odile Filliod, an independent researcher, is the person who co-created the first model of  a 3D clitoris.





Université de Genève- Bioscope

This project aims to break appart the binary conceptions of sex, gender and sexualities grounded in misconceptions and half truths.


La chatte en mousse

The foam pussy

Genital anatomy meets D.I.Y. a project led by Rapha, Marseille, FR.



 Fab Lab du PEC xx

Logo Fab Lab du PEC

Because without them nothing would have been possible. Patience, talent and collaborative culture are at their best in this place.


Checking them out…


les3sex: etat brut: corps sexues État brut: corps sexués

A photo project that offers high definition pictures of naked bodies for sexual education.

The great wall of vaginas 1

 The great wall of vaginas

Artist Jamie McCartney casted 400 vulvas for this exhibit. He says: “Spectacle & education together. Knowledge is power. Freedom from genital anxiety is the goal…”

Laura Dodsworth- Manhood


A book about penis and their stories by photographer Laura Dodsworth.


Les éléments qui composent le projet des Parleuses

Les Parleuses

Sex ed project by Fanny Prudhomme.