Promoting knowledge, respecting diversities

Many people ask us why it is so important that folk actually know about genital anatomy. When we have no words, no representation of what is below our belts; how can we imagine the possibilities, explore, name the pain and pleasures, the satisfaction and dissatisfaction, whether it is with oneself or in interaction with others?

Sex is everywhere. Despite this fact, there is still a huge unknown around genitalia and sexual responses. This impacts self-esteem, one’s relationship to one’s or someone else’s body and our capacity to understand desire and pleasure mechanisms. Expressing consent requires to have knowledge and words to name our realities. Many folk actually do not even have the vocabulary to name their organs… (like the fact the word vagina is used to name the vulva/clitoris area)

Moreover, it’s important to expose and to celebrate the vast diversity and beauty of genitalia in order to spread knowledge about natural variations and stop the shame and stigma as well as the mutilation and/or fetichization. SEX-ED + project subscribes to the principle of bodily autonomy for all and promotes respect of the diversity of bodies, identities and experiences.

Price and accessibility

Have you ever bought a North American made silicone dildo? If yes, you know it’s pricey. Really pricey…around 200$. Why the price? Silicone is super expensive. Did we make our point?!? SUPER expensive. Like, 400$ a gallon expensive. Ouch.

SEX-ED + individually handcrafts and uniquely molds its products from humans, funky beautiful humans who joyfully lend their anatomy in order to increase genital knowledge. This is a first for educational purposes (to our knowledge), which is kind of cool. This comes with a cost though, in terms of time and material invested.

SEX-ED + still want its products to be accessible though. A not for profit organization, a sexologist and a hospital do not have the same financial capacities. That’s why SEX-ED + uses a sliding scale for its products prices, so that those who have more money will allow those who don’t to have a discount on their order. It’s our way to bring back a bit of equity in this world.

Respect and consent

Why oh why do people accept to get their genitals covered in gooey substances in the workshop of a near stranger to contribute to the SEX-ED + project?

Because they think that genital knowledge is important and they trust us with our approach and our objectives. The goal is to foster knowledge and respect of bodies in their diversity, not to exploit or fetishize them.

Moreover, SEX-ED + has developed a process that is respectful of the model’s privacy and at no point does anyone come into visual or tactile contact with the model’s genitals…Oh and…no need to send dick pics, that’s not the way we recruit!


You have just bought a SEX-ED + object and you receive it…in a beautiful shoebox? That’s completely normal. The manufacturing process requires the use of plastic, silicone and single use items like vynil gloves, that are not really environmentally friendly substances. To compensate, SEX-ED + decided to not use additional plastic substances, that’s why the tools come into hand sewn pouches, without bubble wrap and each expedition box is recycled. A drop in the ocean, but at least it’s not a plastic drop!

Worker’s rights

Most products nowadays are delivered via FedEx or Purolator. SEX-ED + has decided to work exclusively with Canada Post. Why? Because even if it’s not perfect, at least their workers have unions, and we kind of dig the fact that people delivering our products have access to health insurance and retirement funds.

Community oriented

Since the project started, we have been lucky enough to have the support of academic, scientific and technical hubs like the fablabs. Sexed professionals have also been super helpful. Montreal roller derby community is an ever present source of support, as well as friends and family. Thanks for everything, gang!