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A website entirely about the clitoris, its history, its anatomy and everything there is to know about it. By Odile Filliod, an independent researcher who co-created the first model of  a 3D clitoris.

Image- Bioscope- Sexes, science et identités

Université de Genève-Bioscope

Science, sex, identity (SSI) is a project promoting scientific and health literacy in adolescents and adults, including parents, teachers and health professionals.  The aim is to raise awareness and inform about sex, gender and sexuality, both from a biological and gender studies standpoint, in order to deconstruct binarity and embrace a more inclusive view of sexual diversity.

La chatte en mousse

The foam pussy

Genital anatomy meets D.I.Y. in a project led by Rapha, Marseille, FR. An engineering school is currently working on rendering it available for market.