Instagram hates SEX-ED +… and vice-versa.

It was only a matter of time before it happened…10 days ago, SEX-ED + was given the boot by Instagram without warning.

Our virtual universe is much more comfortable with racist memes than with colourful reproduction of genitalia in an educative and scientific context. Colour me surprised!

Concretely, how does this algorithmic decision impact the project?

Three years of content lost. Countless conversations with sex educators across the globe deleted. And a lingering question: how can sex educators and sexual health professionals  keep on doing their job with this threat hanging over their head? How to balance the need for visibility and our work ethic? I am going to try to be more careful with the “censorship triggering words” and depiction of SEX-ED + work to try to stay online…BUT know that I am suffocating with rage every time I have to blur the picture of a patiently crafted anatomical model or to add whatever punctuation mark to dissimulate “explicit” words.

Can’t wait for other platforms to emerge.

You can still follow the project:

And because we can never be too prepared, please read this article about how to save your data and prevent censorship and sign a petition asking Instagram to make their community guidelines more inclusive and less sex negative.