Print your own 3D clitoris! -

Print your own 3D clitoris!

Do you realize that the first modelization of a clitoris has only been available since 2016? And that this amazing scientific step has been possible thanks to the generosity of independent French researcher Odile Fillod who decided to dedicate one year of her life to the project, without any funding?

Thank to her work, supported by Philippe Cosentino and le Carrefour numérique -Cité des sciences Paris, the file for printing a 3D clitoris is now available to all.

But how do you print a 3D clitoris? It’s quite easy, let us explain ;

  1. Find the right .stl file. Today, there are three clitoris files on the web. The one on the left is the first one developed by Odile Fillod. It has since been improved to better reflect the anatomic reality of a clitoris (middle). On the right side of the picture is the version created by Amy Stenzel for the Vulvacademy project. If the overall shape is correct, it is nonetheless non anatomically exact. Other researchers are currently developing new knowledge about genital anatomies and for sure other clitoris models will emerge, following scientific discoveries. Download clitoris V2. .stl file.  
  2. Download a software to read the .stl file. I am using either Tinkerine or Cura by Ultimaker (free versions) Other surely exist but I do not use them.
  3. Open the .stl file in your new software.
  4. Find a 3D printer. They are pretty much everywhere: schools, library, café, fablab, makerspace…Once you have one, people responsible will help you set up your software to adapt it to the type of 3D printer you are going to use. Export the file in gcode, save it on a USB stick or a SD file, give it to the printer and spend the next hour marvelling at numeric technology.
  5. Buy a clitoris. If you are not really that excited about doing it yourself, you can buy one from PIY3D  which is offering the current, exact version and giving part of the profits  to the maker.
  6. Contribute to common knowledge
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    • credit makers and scientists who are doing an amazing job and sharing it
    • develop your own content and share it likewise