SEX-ED + produces pedagogical supports that contribute to a better knowledge of genital anatomies and sexual responses. Its goal is to create tools that answer the needs of sexuality education and sexual health professionals.

SEX-ED + is the first project to create anatomically exact models, based on human moulding techniques, and presents the vast spectrum of genitalia (male, female, with voluntary or coerced surgeries, trans, etc. )

SEX-ED + aims to promote sex-positivity and a culture of consent through the creation and distribution of sexuality education material and content.

More about SEX-ED +
From Research to Practice
The patients I work with are usually both surprised and fascinated when they see the models. Many of them report feeling much better about themselves once they have been able to see the models of others.- A SEX-ED + PEDAGOGICAL MATERIAL USER
I use the gender affirming models with patients to get an understanding of results from surgery and to educate medical residents and providers new to gender-affirming care.- A SEX-ED + PEDAGOGICAL MATERIAL USER
The penis models are helpful as some attendees are not aware of the circumcized/uncircumcized difference or of how to give pleasure or use toys on penis owners. It allows them to bring up questions they might otherwise have found hard to articulate.- A SEX-ED + PEDAGOGICAL MATERIAL USER
I have been using the tools in our sex-ed classes as well as on display in our health center. Beside class where they are a part of teaching, I have had many adults and students coming by independently to look at them.- A SEX-ED + PEDAGOGICAL MATERIAL USER
SEX-ED + models really help me break down shame and stigma many people have regarding their bodies and facilitate my ability to provide open, safe and caring education and assistance.- A SEX-ED + PEDAGOGICAL MATERIAL USER