Sexuality education in medical schools

Sexuality education in medical school – Think it’s a thing? Well in 50% of the cases it’s a myth. Despite physicians frequently caring for patients with sexual health issues, only 50% of United States medical schools require formal education in sexual medicine. Due to the lack of standardized education, medical trainees (except for Urology and OB-GYN residents) feel unprepared to treat patients with sexual health issues. This demonstrates a failure of their medical school to provide a comprehensive education for its students. This study found that lack of education seriously

Sexuality education in Canada- Reports data

Sex educators often don’t have the time or resources to keep up to date with scientific research. But it is super important that those findings get to the people who are actually doing the day to day job. So let’s get all of us nerds united to transmit snippets of what we read…It can make a world of difference for those who have only a few days to write a grant request and need to have data and quote on hands for political lobbying. The original posts can be found

Open-door at SEX-ED + September 23rd

COME AND CELEBRATE THE END OF SUMMER WITH FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES DURING SEX-ED + OPEN-DOOR EVENT. WHAT TO EXPECT ? Crisps, wine or water in paper glasses, super cool people and the possibility to visit the workshop and admire the original models. COVID? The event is happening outside, in the alleyway and in the garage with open doors. To visit the workshop, a mask will be mandatory. Disinfecting gel will be provided. ACCESSIBILITY? The workshop is a 5mn walk from Jean Talon market. As everywhere in Montréal, parking is not

New toolkit about trans bodies modifications

It’s new. It’s amazing. It has got everything you need and even more. SEX-ED + moulds humans to create tools for education and health professionals. If you are in this category and if you happen to talk about trans identities and trans health, your life ( and the life of the people you are working with) may just have gotten a little bit easier. Check out this new toolkit containing several reproductions of genitalia of trans or non binary folks who decided to have bottom surgery or to start hormone

An interview with Magaly by Dr. Dilana Schaafsma

Interview by  Dr. Dilana Schaafsma • Associate Lector • Fontys Hogeschool Pedagogiek In deze video interviewt Dilana Schaafsma van de stichting Maand van de Leuke Seks Magaly Pirotte van over haar project waarin zij via vrijwilligers realistische afdrukken van vulva’s en penissen verzameld. Zij wil met het project een realistische beeld scheppen van geslachtsdelen. Vooralsnog bestaat er weinig variëteit in bestaande voorlichtingsmaterialen. De video’s en podcasts worden mogelijk gemaakt door de donaties van deelnemers. De stichting Maand van de Leuke Seks wordt gerund door onbetaalde vrijwilligers. Alle donaties gaan

Sexuality education of future health professionals

To develop tools that are best adapted to the needs of health professionals, SEX-ED + circulated a survey in November 2020, asking doctors, nurses, OB/GYNs,  midwives, physios, sexologists or any other medical professional, to complete it. Questions were about the sexual health received during med school (if at all), the topics covered and the pedagogical tools used during class and training. The goal is to understand better what health professionals have been taught while in school, which pedagogical supports they had access to and if they felt ready to support

Sexuality éducation for people who are Blind or visually impaired

“Perhaps unwittingly, people on our society tend to maintain the view that individuals with any physical disability are asexual, childlike, and without the need for sexual health education.” (Murphy &Young, 2005) Despite those ableist beliefs, research shows that folks who are Blind or Visually impaired have the same ratio of consensual sexual activity than sighted ones, only a few years later (which seems to be linked to social isolation). And are at increased risk of experiencing sexual abuse. This is why it is fundamental for sexuality education to be delivered

Better tools for sex educators

Vulve avec clitoris imbriqué- Modèle 2- Silicone- Adapté aux contextes avec de nombreuses manipulations (plus solide)

SEX-ED + produces didactical supports that contribute to a better knowledge of genital anatomies and sexual responses. Its tools answer the needs of sexuality education and sexual health professionals. SUBS: This is the silicone reproduction of the vulva of a cis, dyadic woman. It took time to get there, but now the clitoris is insertable AND made of silicone. So there is no risk anymore to break it during manipulation. We are quite happy and proud to have improved this already great tool. VIDEO: shows a white woman with

Sex-ed fails (and how to get better)

“I remember my first sexual experiences…two vaginas, and I had no idea what to do. It’s always penis and vagina. It’s never anything else, so I had to google ‘how do you have gay sex?’.” Patrick

However good the intentions, sex education can fail at being inclusive of all realities, bodies and identities. A good way to learn and to get better at what we are doing is to LISTEN to those who are on the receiving end of sexuality education, and to understand how our content and delivery may affect them. The following content about sex-ed fails and how sex educators can do better is inspired from “Here’s Your Anatomy…Good Luck”: Transgender Individuals in Cisnormative Sex Education” by Steven Hobaica, Kyle Schofield & Paul Kwon,