Tools sex educators may want to know about (3) -

Tools sex educators may want to know about (3)

Do you know the Gender creative kids/ Enfants transgenres Canada organization?

If not, go and give them some love because they developed this amazing transgender toy named Sam.

Yes, obviously, you want it, and you want it NOW because it is necessary and you have many opportunities to use this toy. But it’s not for sale to the public yet. Why? Because the crowdfunding campaign wasn’t successful and the organization needs some financial or industrial back-up to start producing it for everyone. But fear not: professionals working with kids can contact to order some! (yeah)

Oh, and also, the project recently won a prestigious ADC award from The One Club for Creativity.

Let us insist without any subtlety: this toy is amazing. It needs to be made available.

Need more convincing? Watch this. You may feel a little wet in the eyes.