Pedagogical supports

SEX-ED + produces anatomically exact pedagogical tools for sexual education and sexual health professionals.

Each product is handcrafted in Montréal, and therefore unique. SEX-ED + can also develop new material to suit your specific needs.

3D technologies as well as human casting techniques are used to document the vast spectrum of genital anatomies to promote knowledge, respect and integrity of all bodies.

For accessibility purpose, sliding scale prices are applied.

For more info or to get a submission, please ask for a quote and send the completed form to magaly (at)


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Original casts

Tools produced by SEX-ED+ are mostly based on human molds. People who collaborates to the project do so because they believe in the need to demystify genital anatomies. SEX-ED + has developped a way of doing genital molding that is respectful of everyone’s intimacy and based on consent. At no moment in the process do we touch or even see the genitals of the people involved! Our goal is to create a database of genitals (comprising the vast diversity of them: male, female, intersex, trans, having undergone voluntary or involuntary surgeries, etc.) that will eventually end up somewhere on the web so everyone can print it with 3D printers all around the world.