Better tools for sex educators

Vulve avec clitoris imbriqué- Modèle 2- Silicone- Adapté aux contextes avec de nombreuses manipulations (plus solide)

SEX-ED + produces didactical supports that contribute to a better knowledge of genital anatomies and sexual responses. Its tools answer the needs of sexuality education and sexual health professionals.

SUBS: This is the silicone reproduction of the vulva of a cis, dyadic woman. It took time to get there, but now the clitoris is insertable AND made of silicone. So there is no risk anymore to break it during manipulation. We are quite happy and proud to have improved this already great tool.

VIDEO: shows a white woman with short bleached hair and a black T-shirt manipulating a transparent silicone vulva and inserting and removing a bright pink silicone clitoris in it. Followed by the spinning logo of SEX-ED +