One year already for SEX-ED + -

One year already for SEX-ED +

Happy Birthday SEX-ED + !

This weird little project that started in a Montréal kitchen is still very much alive and kicking! Let’s celebrate one year of activity for SEX-ED + 🥳 In September 2018, thanks to a successful crowdfunding on Ulule, SEX-ED + was able to buy the material necessary to start selling its sex education pedagogical supports. One year later, it is going strong and is a one person full time job with an (almost) decent wage. Thanks to everyone who gave a hand and keep doing so 😘

How many anatomically exact silicone genitalia can you send into the world in one year?

Guess Google has never been asked this question, but we do have the answer! Here is the number of pedagogical tools produced and sold by SEX-ED + during its first year of activity. Plus those which have been gifted to cool sex educators/scientists like ReidAboutSex, Allison Moon, author of Girl Sex 101, @Drkpote from Causette, Nobel #DenisMukwege, El Armario Abierto in Mexico city or Dr Hellen O’Connel in Australia. Those genitals are taking the world over! 🏴‍☠️

Who is buying anatomically exact silicone genitalia?

When presenting the SEX-ED + project, people ALWAYS ask: ” who is buying anatomically exact silicone genitalia?”. Creepy/sexy/strange images must go through their brains at that moment…But rest assured, our tools are only sold to sexual health and sexual education professionals who will use them exclusively for professional reasons- you even have to sign a formal agreement to this effect when you buy the tools! Not that we have anything against the sex-toys industry, but it’s not the type of use that our models consented to So, once and for all, who did buy SEX-ED + pedagogical tools during the first year of activity? Here is the answer:

Nerd much?

Who is a nerd? (looks left, right, point at herself in disbelief…)
Ok, let’s admit it, there is a bit of nerdiness going on at SEX-ED +. It makes sense as before there even was silicone genitalia, we were doing research about antioppressive practices in sexuality education. And everything actually started from research results…How can we change the problematic ways sexuality education is taught if we do not change the tools we use? Someone needed to jump in…you know the rest.  Conferences are a superb way to stay in touch with the theoreticians and practitioners of sexuality education and their needs. It’s also a fantastic way to reach out to a diversity of public. This year SEX-ED + gave presentations to teachers, sexologists, women’s groups, LGBT groups, academics…and we plan on keeping doing so, while wishing for less expensive registration fees…because no university is backing us and gosh, is it steep!

We are blushing…

Thank you, and you, and you…