Collaborators and accomplices

Logo projet Hidden Beauty

The Hidden Beauty project aims to allow people to view other humans and to show that We Are Beautiful. The human body takes many shapes and forms and we should all be comfortable in our own bodies and have a positive body image.

Image du site CLit'info de Odille Fillod


A website entirely dedicated to the clitoris, its history and the science around it by French researcher Odile Fillod who co-created the first model of 3D clitoris.

Logo HUG- Bioscope - Université de Genève

Sciences, Sexe et Identités

SSI mission is the promotion of sexual health and gender equality, especially among young people. They wish to contribute to this by improving the knowledge and skills of their target audiences in order to change attitudes and behaviors that lead to sexist and sexual, homo-, bi- and transphobic discrimination and violence, as well as inequalities in access to healthcare.