Vulvas all around the globe

Those last few months, we collaborated with medical and scientific teams across the Atlantic ocean to develop a realistic looking model of vulva. Two prototypes are currently being used in Switzerland and in France with patient who have had excision and consider having a genital reconstruction. We are now developing a model with an insertable clitoris. Meet our mentors, partners in crime and collaborators in this documentary produced by Swiss TV (only in french).   “Entre plaisir et santé, que savez-vous du clitoris?”  

The deep unknown: female genital anatomy

Vulva and penis drawing

A  lot of person ask us why it’s so important that folks actually know genital anatomies. Answer: when we have no words, no representations of what is below our belt, how can we imagine the possibilities, explore, name the pain and pleasure, the satisfactions and insatisfactions, wether it’s with oneself or in interaction with others? These drawings are part of an investigation realized in a couple of french schools, with teenagers (taken from the book ” La fabuleuse histoire du clitoris” , by Jean Claude Picard.) No need to speak

Everything started with a clitoris…

Clitoris silicone

The Clito Curious project started in march 2017. It was the first step of what has now become Sex ed+, a larger project about a culture of consent and sex-positivity. The Clito Curious goal was to create and make available some anatomically correct models of clitoris made out of silicone to assist those doing sex-ed and to hopefully help erase the blind spot on this organ and its functions. While doing this, we wandered a bit and ended up creating several beautiful objects that we used to raise awareness about