Everything started with a clitoris... -

Everything started with a clitoris…

Clitoris silicone

The Clito Curious project started in march 2017. It was the first step of what has now become Sex ed+, a larger project about a culture of consent and sex-positivity.

The Clito Curious goal was to create and make available some anatomically correct models of clitoris made out of silicone to assist those doing sex-ed and to hopefully help erase the blind spot on this organ and its functions.

While doing this, we wandered a bit and ended up creating several beautiful objects that we used to raise awareness about the project.

To develop a sex positive culture, you need tools, words, attitudes that will help erase taboos and embarrassment.

Why did we feel the need to make all things clitoris?

To have fun, yes, but also to create opportunities to talk with a lot of different people about sex, pleasure, anatomy. When there is a clitoris on the table, there is no way to keep on having this cold and medical discussion that people call sex-ed : pregnancy, reproductive cycle, “disease”. Confronted with a life size clitoris, you have no choice but to talk about the reasons why we willfully engage in sexual activities: desire and the search of pleasure. You have to find the right words to talk about it frankly, with youth, with adults, with your mum, your sister and my uncle. When you have a giant shiny clitoris on your T-shirt, it will happen. You will end up talking about vulva or orgasm in the grocery line. And that’s cool. Because we will never be enough people to start discussions about healthy, positive, realistic sexualities, far from the half-truths and injunctions that abound in media and popular culture.

The more we know about our bodies, anatomies, sexual responses and those of our partner(s), the more we can talk about desire, sex and pleasure. And reclaim sexualities that are vibrant, beautiful, empowering. And a culture of consent. One clitoris at a time.

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