Money, cash, dough...We want your opinion -

Money, cash, dough…We want your opinion

One of the last step that we need to do before selling officially is to put a price tag on those beautiful objects that you keep seeing. Of course, we want it to be accessible for everyone…but what does accessibility mean in relation to a fair pricing?

Ever bought a silicone dildo? If yes, you know it’s pricey. Really pricey. If not, go take a look around. You can check the really nice products that the New York Toy Collective is making…they are lovely, they are perfect…but around 200$. Why the price? First, silicone is super expensive. Did we insist on that enough? SUPER expensive. Like, 400$ expensive for a gallon. Aouch. (Insert bleeding heart and tears…)

Then, products are handcrafted in North America, not mass produced in another country. Producing one of them takes around 2-3 hours work, spread on several days. It takes time, space (think rent, we actually have to move to a bigger place so the workshop is not anymore in our kitchen), tools and materials…list never ends.

Moreover, SEX-ED + tools are unique because they are molded on humans, those crazy beautiful humans that joyfully lend their anatomy to increase genital knowledge. This is something that has never been done for educational purposes (to our knowledge). Which is kind of cool.

Remember the survey we circulated a couple weeks ago? (Thank you so much for the many many answers). It shows how different your jobs are, and how different your incomes. From the volunteer in a poorly financed NGO to the sexologist that is doing one on one consultation to the Medical school that want to use them to train students…Not the same financial power…

Sooooo…we were thinking of doing a differential pricing depending on the professional profile of the buyer. It may not be so common in entrepreneurial ventures but we see it quite often during conferences or events (discount apply for NGO and students). What do you think? Is it a good idea? Would you accept to pay more so those who don’t have a lot of funds can pay less?

We want to hear you…please, so we can figure it out and put those babies to sale as soon as possible.


Cheers folks!

(Are you getting used to that broken english writen with a french accent? You’d better!)