SEX-ED + in two minutes

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  • Open-door at SEX-ED + September 23rd
    COME AND CELEBRATE THE END OF SUMMER WITH FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES DURING SEX-ED + OPEN-DOOR EVENT. WHAT TO EXPECT ? Crisps, wine or water in paper glasses, super cool people and the possibility to ...
  • Interview: showing the diversity of bodies in sex education
    A Quebec woman has taken it upon herself to make 3D molds of all different kinds of genital organs for educational purposes. Alison Brunette from the CBC radio show Quebec AM speaks with Magaly ...
  • New toolkit about trans bodies modifications
    It’s new. It’s amazing. It has got everything you need and even more. SEX-ED + moulds humans to create tools for education and health professionals. If you are in this category and if you ...

SEX-ED + produces pedagogical supports that contribute to a better knowledge of genital anatomies and sexual responses. Its goal is to create tools that answer the needs of sexuality education and sexual health professionals.

SEX-ED + is the first project to create anatomically exact tools, based on human molding techniques, and presents the vast spectrum of genitalia (male, female, intersex, with voluntary or coerced surgeries, trans, etc. )

SEX-ED + aims to promote sex-positivity and a culture of consent through the creation and distribution of sexual education material and content.