SEX-ED + in two minutes

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  • New toolkit about trans bodies modifications
    It’s new. It’s amazing. It has got everything you need and even more. SEX-ED + moulds humans to create tools for education and health professionals. If you are in this category and if you ...
  • An interview with Magaly by Dr. Dilana Schaafsma
    Interview by  Dr. Dilana Schaafsma • Associate Lector • Fontys Hogeschool Pedagogiek In deze video interviewt Dilana Schaafsma van de stichting Maand van de Leuke Seks Magaly Pirotte van ...
  • Instagram hates SEX-ED +… and vice-versa.
    It was only a matter of time before it happened…10 days ago, SEX-ED + was given the boot by Instagram without warning. Our virtual universe is much more comfortable with racist memes than with ...

SEX-ED + produces pedagogical supports that contribute to a better knowledge of genital anatomies and sexual responses. Its goal is to create tools that answer the needs of sexuality education and sexual health professionals.

SEX-ED + is the first project to create anatomically exact tools, based on human molding techniques, and presents the vast spectrum of genitalia (male, female, intersex, with voluntary or coerced surgeries, trans, etc. )

SEX-ED + aims to promote sex-positivity and a culture of consent through the creation and distribution of sexual education material and content.