SEX-ED + updates /// Finance -

SEX-ED + updates /// Finance

Starting a project from scratch is an invigorating, fulfilling and demanding experience.

These last two years, SEX-ED + kept its human full-time busy. We had to learn molding techniques, to create prototypes, to try, to fail, to try again, to create a website, to produce marketing material, to learn how to prepare tax declarations, to get training about project development, to prepare lectures, to develop theoretical content…Pfiou!

All of this has been realized on an employment subsidy, followed by a minimum wage grant for the project. We also did a crowdfunding this summer (thank you again gang!) to get the funds necessary to buy material and insurance.

For those unfamiliar with Quebec reality, this means that the last two years have been spent under the poverty line, without medical insurance, any contribution to a retirement fund or any safety net. All of this while spending more than 1000$ a month in silicone and other material.

This December, the grant comes to an end, and SEX-ED + will only  have income from its sales and associated services.

We have the deepest respect for those working in education or sexual and reproductive health, and we know austerity measures did hit hard. We totally support demands for a better financing of those institutions and organizations.

Nevertheless, you will understand that our current situation is such that we can not offer material, discount or any service (workshop, lecture) without being financially compensated. Or else, one human and the cat she is responsible for might become more precarious!

But rest assured that as soon as we get beyond the break-even stage, things will be different!