What is SEX-ED + about? -

What is SEX-ED + about?

Do you know that the first clitoris was only available in 2016?

It may seem surprising, but in 2020 we are still gathering knowledge around genitalia. This has consequences on the way we treat and perceive our body, or the bodies of others. It also impacts the training of medical professionals and the quality of care and intervention.

No one would consider teaching cardiology using this type of tool: (shows a red paper heart). But in sex-ed right now we have this type of tool: (shows a plastic banana). And we think it’s time to make changes!

Hi! My name is Mag, I am 41 years old, and I am the human behind SEX-ED +.

SEX-ED + is the first worldwide project to use human molding techniques to create tools for sexual health professionals.

What are SEX-ED + tools used for?

  • To train health professionals
  • To talk about bodies and body image
  • To demonstrate safer sex techniques
  • To support intervention and counselling

SEX-ED + is a one-woman project. It has been in existence for 18 months during which the tools have been sold in over 25 countries. Which proves that those tools really answer the needs of sexual health professionals.

What does the future look like for SEX-ED + ?

First there is a trip to Europe to develop a toolkit around Female Genital Mutilations and clitoris reconstruction which doesn’t exist yet. We are also working on establishing the first online database around genitalia. So SEX-ED + is really at the forefront of what is happening right now around sexuality education and the development of new tools for professionals. And that is really exciting!